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After installing ‘The Bench’ in London which was no easy feat, negotiating doorways, pathways and gravel paths it wasn’t without a bump or two. A small collection of work also had to be unwrapped, polished and placed inside the hotel which took a little longer than expected. So at 4.30 they quickly had to leave as they were due to be further along the river. Phoning to apologies for the delay they thought their next destination was only 1 hour away but that doesn’t factor in rush hour, London traffic and a small narrow bridge to get to Henley.

It was now 7pm and having only eaten a croissant in the morning, 5 hours sleep, travelling, lifting, polishing and positioning exhaustion was beginning to set in. Wrist band and security checks and HGV wagon to park they could then finally start placing work.

home henley 5

home henley 4

home heley 3

home 2

Mother and child henley 3

Mother and child henleyMother and child henley 2

keyhole man henley

For me Henley is rowing, I raced there is 2001,spent a training camp so again the sculptures are following places of my past. My husband hadn’t realised how close to the river the pieces would be. So a good realisation that he had installed 4 pieces along the river Thames in one day. Also a couple of his sculptures  are being exhibited with  Hay Hill Gallery within the grounds.

The journey didn’t end there though. After finishing and packing up they left Henley at around 9pm. Still not having eaten and rather famished but with large van in tow it was difficult to park up and eat. Deciding to travel back up the M6 they would stop at a service station -why they didn’t just stop and eat I can’t really fathom, something to do with fighting the fast food principles so it ended up being 11pm when they finally ate a not partially pleasant sandwich. Then in an unfortunate turn of events the M6 had several diversions and a stop for a short nap to keep them going meant the sculptor finally got back to the house at 5.45am the following day. HUGE thanks to Anthony Hartley.  So the night of no sleep was the day after, after all. Is that what all sculptors do? my husband is wondering. When do you get to a point where you have a team of people that take the work for you instead of being on the road yourself.

The Henley Festival : this weekend 8-13th July

Sculptures on sites (1)

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‘Evolution’ at the Tarpey Gallery sculpture site.

This week is a challenge in more ways than one. To speak of the sculptural challenge the sculptor has an almost marathon like day tomorrow, a culmination of  several weeks of preparation.

If the sculptor is not sculpting, or taking sculptures to sites then there is also removing, repairing and re-spraying. It is none stop. The size, shape and volume of the sculptures means large wagon hire and time on the road. (With huge thanks to Anthony Hartley)


‘installing sculptures on site -Tarpey Gallery’

This afternoon the wagon needs to collected, sculptures need to have final polish and loading on the wagon in a particular jigsaw like way. A ridiculously early start might mean the sculptor has no sleep tonight to arrive in  London tomorrow to install ‘The Bench’ in an exciting location but I almost won’t believe it until I see the pictures. However, it doesn’t end there they then have to make their way across to Henley-on-Thames to install 2 new pieces which have just been finished for ‘The Henley Festival’. The sculptor is listed along with Damien Hirst and Marc Quinn. Again…..I can’t wait to see the pictures.

This is all following a busy June which involved picking up sculptures from venues, inspecting others for suitably and taking sculptures to the ‘Tarpey Gallery  (77 High Street, DE74 2PQ Castle Donington)

‘Evolution’ as well as other works are outside amongst an amazing collection of sculptures. The opening is this saturday  July 11th from 2pm -6pm.

Tarpey gallery

‘Troy’ at Tarpey

Trpey gallery