Art Swap: ‘In search of Major Tom’ for ‘Poison’ featuring Carlos Martyn Burgos

Art Swap
art swap astro

‘In search of Major Tom’ By Carlos Martyn Burgos

I have been slow to upload these art swaps. I am trying to keep on top of it. This is the beautiful work of Carlos Martyn Burgos, you can see his work at I have liked his work ever since we saw it at The Other Art Fair a couple of years ago. We actually got some prints I still have in a pile of things to frame. So I am pleased we have this original framed and hanging in the living room. IMG_4439

 ‘Put your helmet on…

the stars look very different today…

sitting in a tin can, far above the world..

can you hear me Major Tom…

posion to carols

‘Poison’ by Sam Shendi

…not even knowing the title I thought of David Bowie singing ‘Ground control to Major Tom’. Obviously the space helmet, the astro-girl, outer space feel to the paining all some cues. I love the use of tea, drips and splashes and even evidence of a tea-cup in the left corner here. The detail is also amazing and in this the unusual angle. The boys find it a bit eery, it is unusual but I love it. In my search about the artist I found a fellow word press article and the words that the work is “Fusing elements of the classical, the expressive, the surreal, beauty, darkness and his love of the human form”. This is an interesting link to my husband’s work which is focused on the human form. Like the previous swaps, it seemed such a good connection, perhaps it’s the symbol on this little keyhole man that makes me think of space aliens or darth vader. So for this art swap we sent ‘Poison’ in exchange for ‘In Search of Major Tom’. IMG_4440

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