Age of waiting

Colour, Connections, Public Art

“You are back” my youngest son beamed on Saturday morning. Despite explaining to him several times what was happening, he still hadn’t quite grasped the concept that Mama and Baba were going out and coming back on Friday night. I guess it is that age where waiting and the concept of time haven’t quite formulated yet. I can’t believe that in his whole 4 years we haven’t done this before but anyway I had managed to get the sculptor out. The incentive of course was sculpture related.

'I think this looks like it was designed for Ironman'

‘I think this looks like it was designed for Ironman’

Sometime last year my husband had excitedly taken 4 sculptures down to Shepperton Studios to put them on set for the new MARVEL film. We weren’t allowed to advertise this but I am certain I wrote somewhere about how he nearly ran back, he was so excited. The whole experience of being on set, walking in amongst Ironman and Hulk’s lab was like being a kid in a candy store. Can’t seem to find it on any of last years post and I have done enough trawling. The other thing it made my husband realise was how far he had come, from a small village in Northern Egypt to a multi-million pound blockbuster movie set. I think something sunk in.

So after what seemed like an ‘age’ of waiting. We finally went to see Avengers: The Age of Ultron on Friday all ready to spot Shendi sculptures on set. As the film began my husband whispered “what’s your gut feeling, do you think they will be in”? To be honest I grimaced, I don’t think so. I had been so excited and told so many people despite my usual ability to secrecy that I felt we weren’t going to see anything. The film was so fast and the screen so dark I saw nothing. We left a little disappointed, both at the film and lack of sculpture spotting, without seeing the credits role.

Advertising it on his facebook page anyway, the sculptor got a response from a friend who went to see it saying they saw his name in the credits. Really??? I think they might be joking. I still can’t believe it, and there is no chance I am going back to the cinema. So now we will have to wait again till the DVD comes out and we can physically stop start and pause the screen to see possible geometric shapes in the background and freeze frame his name. Seeing is believing in this case though I think.


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