In a state of flux

Exhibitions, Galleries, Relationships

Last week was half term, so I had no time to write, to think or to breathe. Obviously that last action is not true – I was blatantly breathing. However I am really aware that I don’t stop for breath when running after two boys and I am often in a “state of flux” when situations in life may go one way or another. Both  boys wanted to do different things at a busy museum on day one, so my ranting started and I was struggling for air. I suddenly felt the whole week could be a disaster. Luckily friends during the remainder of the holiday week meant we were all much calmer and passed enjoyably. I realised the importance of meeting up with others when you have children in tow. For myself though I need alone time to clear my head for words to flow. Half term meant there was no space in my head for thinking past what and who was going where and what we were all eating.

Added into the hectic holiday was the fact that the sculptor had a 4 day exhibition in London entitled ‘Flux‘ showcased 70 quality artists. This meant that mid-week he got up at 3am to take a wagon full of sculptures on the road. Unfortunately I didn’t go back to sleep after the shrill of the alarm, so I had a coffee fuelled day in the showroom with both boys. The sculptor however had an even crazier day of then journeying down to London, setting up the exhibition and then attending the private view which was packed with people. Madly they decided to drive back home directly after arriving at 5am. So the lack of sleep award wasn’t going to me. To compound that, two days later rose early again to go back down to London to pack up whilst his heroic companion Anthony Hartley drove across to Gatwick to deliver pieces going to Germany in March. It is all getting very logistical, with unloading to do at this end they didn’t get in until Monday morning. But no time to rest as the exhibition at Cartwright Hall needed taking time. I am not sure if you are keeping track of the time here but the point is a lot of moving and lifting and travelling on very little sleep.

Stop. Take a deep breath.

Life is a constant change, ‘ in flux’. Nothing is permanent. Everything is shifting continually but for the most part we try to order, constrain and control things. At the moment our daily lives; managing showroom, sculptures, exhibitions, delivery and collection of art works, emails, boys and school means that I, particularly need to be more fluid. My husband seems to manage these ‘states of flux’ much better. The art of decisive quick thinking.


flux exhibition

FLUX at The Rag Factory before the 500 plus people arrived.



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