Hollow Man

Colour, Philosophy, Soul searching, Steel
body lang 2

‘Body Language’

This outline flows likes a ribbon, so curvaceous . It is a simply stunning piece. A beautiful start to a new collection of work entitled ‘Body Language’. It looks to me like a candy cane, you can imagine licking it and tasting different flavours depending on where your tongue touched.

body lang 3

‘Body Language’

body lang 4

‘Body Language’

body lang 5

‘Body Language’

The shadows created also provide images in themselves. To the untrained eye, perhaps the figures is not as easy to see in this piece as in the more geometric structures of his work. However, this piece combines both what has been my husbands preoccupation structurally with ‘outline’ and minimising the human form and the exploration of the philosophical questions of human essence and ideas of the body as a vessel.

body lang 6

‘Body Language’

body lang 7

‘Body Language’

Stripping away at the content to make a sculptural outline of the figure, like a line drawing in three dimensions. This new work is about the abandoning of body and focusing purely on the line or edge of ourselves.  Which leaves the subject as hollow. Man is essentially hollow. If we imagine that the body is a container, then it needs filling. We naturally search to fill the void, to find substitutes for that hollow space. The tragedy of the modern age is that we fill ourselves with everything that distracts us from where we need to look to find real satisfaction.

You can currently see this piece along with a number of other pieces at ‘Forsters’, City Park, Bradford, Yorkshire.

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