A place to play, a space to work.

Making, Relationships

For many the studio appears like an oversized toy box, initially set up like a gallery space it is now a very functional working area. So the sweet like sculptures not in exhibition are wrapped or covered to prevent over spray. A playground of work.

'Toy box of sculptures'

‘Toy box of sculptures’

It has been a year since we had the studio and he has spent many hours there and it has been a prolific year. I always had an inkling that his practice would chance once he had the space and knew that was what we needed. A place to play around with shape, form, ideas. It has meant a development in techniques and styles and smells…..the studio clothes constantly come back tainted with small polystyrene bits which blow around the house and an odour of paint and over spray. The space is filled and now we need more space!

A section of the studio

A section of the studio

'working in the space'

‘working in the space’

One of the recent reasons for spending so much time there was a new project and technique using a large polystyrene block. The carving of which, brought out the Egyptian making techniques. My husband made a carving tool out of a guitar string and a laptop adapter. This worked but was a painstaking process and so a proper cutting tool was ordered which arrived after much of the hard work had been done. The pictures below demonstrate a little bit of the skill involved.

'Polystyrene block at the start of carving'

‘Polystyrene block at the start of carving’

Busy studio and a refined horse

Busy studio and a refined horse

The studio has become a hub in some ways with visits from people interested in seeing the work develop. However, there is someone who deserves a mention as he is in many ways the artists right hand man and is responsible for the application of the layer of colours. Known as ‘uncle Daz’ by the boys, now of an age where they occasionally hang out with Baba in the studio.  Not only do they also come back covered in a dirt and dust they have a unique opportunity in today’s society to have free play. They paint, make, scoot, kick a ball around and play on the back of a disused truck which just happens to be stranded in the grounds at the back of the studio, filled with the left over polystyrene . (n.b Polysterene is now no longer in the truck…health and safety) Although for me the polystyrene wasn’t the problem, but I think there is a time when you have to let them go a little  and shed the overprotective mother, let them learn from the fall, the bump or the bruise.

Anyway, I digress. Studio life is a place for play, play which is a work of its own kind. What more can a boy ask for!


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