The Family

Colour, Connections, Relationships, Steel
family 5

‘The Family’

This piece is the third in the series ‘Beginnings’ and entitled ‘The Family’ included as the start of community, the point from which generations follow. The beginnings of so many events, feelings, memories, a microcosm of the world.

In recent days I have felt for those families affected by the missing plane in Malaysia. The impact on relatives of those sentenced in Egypt. The families suffering in Syria. When a catastrophe hits an individual it has repercussions on the whole family.

This piece depicts the connection between Father, Mother, Child. The precarious nature of this is visual and from one angle we see Mother and Child with only the thin line of ‘Father’ and from the other angle ‘The Father’ is dominant. The idea that genetic character traits we inherit from our parents and grandparents in some fashion shape who we are.

'The Family' (Mother and Child)

‘The Family’ (Mother and Child)

The Family is a complex and intricate balance. As a unit it encompasses all the emotions we can feel. Individual families can be so different and  diametrically so similar.  Within our own family unit, the fact that we are mixed culture makes this very interesting to experience and learn from, both shared and different values and traditions. For a while I thought this was unique but actually with  increased discussions with families even where both parents are from the same country a difference in backgrounds and upbringing can create stumbling blocks and need for comprises when children become that shared responsibility.

For me the colour in this piece also has some meaning, the connection between the Mother’s head as yellow and the child as yellow displaying the way a mother’s mind is preoccupied with her child but also the vision of hope for the future, for the next generation. The peaceful white body of the mother connected to the father with ‘red’ for passion, love, heat, anger, attention, warmth, protection. The symbolism of this simplistically and elegantly piece shows all this as it portrays the ‘family unit’

'The Family'

‘The Family’

family 6

The Family’

family 4

‘The Family Unit’


4 thoughts on “The Family

  1. When I first saw this peice, I thought that it was beautiful and interpreted it in my own way – shaped by my own experiences of ‘family’. But having the opportunity to read your detailed interpretation, and mix that with my own makes the whole experience more dynamic.
    I was talking yesterday to a friend about the fact that sometimes, it’s difficult to have a clear, understandable conversation with artists about their work – occasionally, they seem to wrap their words up in language and tangents that seem to be designed to keep a vale of mystery around the work, rather than want to discuss it in a meaningful, two way conversation which informs and sparks further thought.
    I know you are not the artist himself, but you are ‘The Sculptor’s Wife’! Thank you for this post. And I, too wish the desperate families you spoke of peace and comfort, somehow.
    Emma 🙂

    1. This realle made me smile 🙂 Thank you so much. That is definately our dual aim- to make art more accessible and to give a message. Think that is what it should all be about really. A visual story. x

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