Last year I began the year very organised with full year calendar and planning, dates in the diary. This year I haven’t even got a 2014 calendar yet. My husband has been as busy as ever, making and creating where as I feel I have ground to a halt and hibernated for far too long. I have slowed down almost to a stand still and feel sluggish and most sloth like. I don’t know if I have a kind of writers block but I am struggling to write, to find time to write.

The new collection of work my husband has been working on is stunning. Visually electric with colour , the shapes and balance have a wow factor. The links to previous work are still there but it’s a slightly different style. Actually it’s an old design from a sketch book from years ago and a maquette he made from wood which we had outside our house for a while. It was always one of my favourite styles. So I am really happy we now have a set of three under the theme of ‘The beginning’. I need to begin to start to rejuvenate myself and start a new beginning.

This one is ‘The Kiss’ a contemporary, modern version of a theme explored by sculptors and artists since ‘the beginning‘. This week is ‘valentine’s’, not something I want to dwell on as I think it is a commercial gimmick. However, it is important to remember the importance of ‘the kiss’ each and every day when we give our children kisses, our parents and our loved ones. It brings about a sense of peace and happiness. So begin the day with a kiss.


‘The Kiss’

kiss from front

‘The Kiss’ appearing in the shadow

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