As one artist dies another one is born

Awards, Public Art

It was saddening to here the passing away of Sir Anthony Caro. One who has influenced and inspired my husband. His work made from industrial materials, bright colours and commentary of society with humour and intelligence is somewhat parallel to my husband’s work. What is sculpture for? Caro’s reply: “To please the eye&feed the soul”.

After 6 months,  ‘Evolution’ the winning sculpture for the FIRST@108 art award has been installed  in the forecourt of The Royal British Society of Sculptors  the installation went very smoothly and attracted many people passing by. Thanks to everyone at RBS and Thanks to the team for making the installation look very easy to onlookers. Thanks to everyone who has supported who voted back in March. Let’s hope that the passing of Caro doesn’t mean the end of sculpture that engages with the viewer. We need art that stirs our senses and makes us desire internal change.  Lets hope this is a stepping stone towards his career and  is an inspiration to many. What is sculpture for? Shendi’s reply has always been: “to be visually attractive & emotionally provoking”


‘The wagon’

install 3install 2installinstall 4 install good angle


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