Landscape and Symbolism

Exhibitions, Philosophy, Soul searching

To make the most of my morning, after dropping eldest child and at school and youngest at preschool, then taking the car to the garage, filling in exhibition forms for my husband, I decided to go for a run to the monuments behind our house. It felt symbolic as I went there shortly after the birth of my first child and had a very emotional kind of cathartic outpouring at being detached from him for the first time. Now six years later I am without the children for the mornings and its been a rather strange mix of emotions and experiences. So to go for, what I decided was ‘rulking’ felt the right thing to do.

I had to take my phone with me as I knew I would be having to discuss what pieces to submit in the Bradford Open, which due to my distraction with the ‘school run’ missed the yesterday deadline for the local drop off. I then made use of the phone taking some rather nice photos of the monuments to draw parallel with the pieces ‘Adam and Eve’ but for some odd reason the computer will not let me upload them. Perhaps it know they are not ‘Sculptures’. So the whole point of my Landscape and Symbolism is not quite working with the lack of landscape images. I did ponder on Friday thoughts…..but it is more like an over tired rambling.

Anyway, my husband had to drive to Haworth to collect the pieces he had decided to put in as they were in the newly re-finshed Damside Mill.

To try to end on a more meaningful Friday philosophy; the landscape and lighting is changing and it was that which made me see the monuments in a different way. It is, indeed always changing, through seasons and generations. Made me ponder about the past and people who have gone before us. Sometimes we think we are alone in a quest to get somewhere when thousands like us both now and from the past have the same challenges. As human beings we are all searching for some kind of peace and contentment both externally and internally. I personally feel the world has strayed far from what gives us just that.  We’ve created a whole load of distractions from wholesome natural living.
With the cleverly re-used gym floor on the wall as the backdrop ‘Adam and Eve’ are symbols, a sculptural language of the simplicity that life is. A simple symbol in a landscape of chaos.
Adam and Eve

‘Adam and Eve’

adam and Eve 2

‘Adam and Eve’

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