“Laugh, Cry, or roll your eyes”…

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I love this tag line, used by a dear friend and fellow blogger who writes at  ‘Life in Marrakesh’ and would highly recommend reading it. I have borrowed the ‘Laugh, cry or roll your eyes’ as it was so appropriate for many reasons.  A few weeks ago, in the school playground when I was talking to a mum and friend as we were collecting children, I was speaking about how busy my husband was and I apparently did a meaningful, ‘roll of the eyes’. My friend said this definitely had to go in the blog. I thought it was a great idea but then kept forgetting to put it in. How  ever, since then my ‘roll of the eyes’ has got ever so more heart felt and so it needed its own post.

Today the boys and I are at our business, ‘Arabesque’, whilst my husband is down in London again (roll of eyes). No, I don’t mean it in a begrudging way at all (honest). It has to be done and it’s an exciting trip as a piece has been pre selected for The Threadneedle prize, we just have to pray it gets selected to the next stage on Thursday. I also have no grumbles about being in the shop but with two young boys, one in the middle of potty training it is a bit testing. And tested I have been with three messy accidents and only two pairs of shorts. I really wasn’t planning for so many ‘caca’s’ this morning. So my only solution was to cut the netting out of the swim shorts which happened to be my spare pair of shorts, in order to use them again and to prevent a half-naked child( like those in the East end in the 1950’s) running around the shop. I just hope the delivery guys and customers in today don’t get a strong odour passing under their nose. Not a good business look. I have sprayed the air freshener continually but I think I can permanently smell it (Laugh or cry?)

After a testing couple of hours with the youngest I somehow managed to rock him to sleep and lie him on a table-cloth I had brought for picnic lunch, lunch for the boys I may add. I am doing this on a fasting day with 3 hours sleep. Not that I am complaining at all. Actually I think I have had many blessings in making it an easy day considering. We are also one week into the six-week summer holiday and we have managed a few small outings so far but with the sculptor working all hours it is hard to find a little time to sit and write.

Last week saw another trip to London to deliver pieces to an art consultant and at the end of the month another trip for the Cork Street summer exhibition. This is all at the same time as continually making pieces for the FIRST@108 exhibition in October. The work in progress are the images here;

'The Question'

‘The Question’

The Ride

‘The Ride’

I have come to the conclusion my husband is some sort of bionic man working all ours, though he  does get exhausted and is finding getting the balance of work and life and faith a test, especially in this month. I am hopeful that this week and in the coming weeks we will start to see the hard work pay off a little. Can’t decide if I will laugh, cry or roll my eyes if it doesn’t!

One thought on ““Laugh, Cry, or roll your eyes”…

  1. Oh the potty training …. I could roll my eyes until they fall out of my head. Hope the next few weeks bring news on the good side for you and a newly trained bottom.

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