Hot, Hot, Hot

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The sun has been out and it has been so hot. Today I had to ‘sit’ (I say that as I did a lot of sitting, though I did manage to sweep the floor and write a few emails) in our kitchen business which has three very large panel windows acting like a conservatory, add in that a toddler and a fasting day. I could feel the heat. However I am now cool again and able to reflect on the day a little. I know I shouldn’t complain, Morocco and Egypt are even hotter. Some how we are just not ready for it here! I was in the shop as my husband had gone down to London to deliver a piece for a show and collect two that needed repairing for another exhibition. The piece he had to deliver had been selected for the HOT ONE HUNDRED. It is a show for 100 contemporary emerging artists. “Playfully mimicking the creation of power lists in the worlds of art, entertainment and business HOT-ONE-HUNDRED satirizes this ‘heat’ phenomenon while simultaneously becoming an agent for its proliferation.”

Private view: Wednesday 17th July 6 -10 p.m @ Schwartz Gallery, 92 White Post Lane, Ground floor, Building 2, London, E9 5EN

Exhibition dates: 17/07/13 – 03/08/13    Summer Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6 p.m

It was hot a sticky day to be driving down to London, not long after going to collect the work last weekend from the SHE exhibition, from which the photos (©  anu samarüütel all rights reserved ) are below. The collaboration between my husband’s work and the work of  Anu Samarüütel  was stunning. A HOT exhibition!

she 2 she 3 she 4 she 5 she 6 she 7 she 8 she 9 she1

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