Pieces of Us

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In my last blog entry a sneaky image got in which I hadn’t intended to post for several reasons. However, fate intervened! it got in and then in response to this image which I will now have to put in for it all to make sense. 

three ladies

‘Body parts’

I got asked this series of questions for a project for a nice little blog called; The Show and Tell project. Probably because this looks like a collection of parts. Anyway here are the Q & A’s

1.) Do you have any thoughts/ feelings about seeing your husband’s work go from a collection of parts to a cohesive whole? What is the experience like ?

I think I am in the privileged position of being, living and seeing, (what I believe)  will someday be (and is to me already, before universal recognition) a great artist at work. Gosh did that sentence make sense, probably not!

This is a good question as it makes me reflect a little bit more. My husband makes the process look easy as though it is a magic of sorts. It is so natural and easy for him I sometimes think he doesn’t realise that the way he sees and thinks isn’t like everyone else and that his natural talent is a real natural gift. The process is having the idea, drawing the idea in the most part and then sometimes making the idea come to life in three dimensions. Off the page. Now we have recently taken on the studio the process is changing a little. He now has a physical space to play rather than his mind and the page. I think in the long-term this will have an important impact on his work. The introduction of mannequins is a good example. To begin with he was sketching ideas on the paper. He then ordered a large quantity of the mannequins and started playing around with them which was also a process and then the actual physicality of where they could split and the positions of hands and legs seems to be effecting the design. So it is starting to be a little more organic. I like this as sometimes he is very prescriptive about what the end result will be. He has an idea in his head and it has to be like that. It isn’t aleatoric at all. So up until now I haven’t felt like there was a collection of parts as such. We will perhaps see more collection of parts.

2.) Do you make artistic contributions to his work? how so?

He sometimes asks me for my opinion. I give it and it is either taken onboard completely or totally dismissed completely. He is very black and white like that. I don’t often voluntarily give contributions, I don’t think. He may also have a number of sketches and ask me which ones he thinks he should develop. He recently asked me about colour choices but sometimes I think he asks me in an interesting exercise to do the complete opposite or the unexpected of what someone may ordinarily imagine.

3.) In your experience, do you feel like many of his ideas remain incomplete? And if so, how to you respond?

My instinct is to say that none of his ideas remain incomplete. He is very ‘start to finish’. I also think that because he works in such a size and material now, that if he starts making, it is with the intention of finishing it. I think if he was spending money on making things that weren’t getting finished I would probably get frustrated but I don’t see that happening.

4.) Why do you think that artists find it difficult to maintain inspiration ?

Because they are trying to find inspiration or ideas. It may sound arrogant but I don’t think truly great artists do find it difficult to maintain inspiration. In my husband’s case it is not about maintaining inspiration it is about maintaining the belief that one day he will get recognition for his work. He has said to me before, if he had an endless fund he could fill sculpture parks over and over, and it is no exaggeration we have sketchbooks full of ideas that could be created if we had the money!

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