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I am getting a cheeky last April post in, just because I am playing a game with myself about the number of entries I write in each month and also now looking back a couple of years. A couple of years! it’s only taken me that long to start to realise that another of the games of this blogging world is to read others blogs and respond. Kind of like the real world really. Give and Take and all that. I am though being a bit lazy with pictures today and so am purely advertising this which actually is this week in my realisation that it is May tomorrow. As I write me husband is yet again in London moving sculptures from last weeks exhibition to this one…


Nancy Victor is pleased to present Vitruvius, a group show by Natasha Caleia Ramos, Sam Shendi and James Winter. This exhibition encourages a new look at the cityscape and utopian visions with artwork full of vibrant energy and intensity. In this show the city manifests itself in many guises. With media ranging from a site specific light installation to steel thematic figurative forms, it offers a direct and honest approach by merging fresh ideas with older processes. The use of fabricated materials has a startlingly individual outcome for each artist. Steel, acrylic and aluminium play a vital role in the creation of each piece, exploring the formality between construction and finished article, design and commodity, idealism and realism.”

I would like to write more about Vitruvius as I had no idea what it meant when I first saw the title. Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (born c. 80–70 BC, died after c. 15 BC) was a Roman author, architect, and engineer during the1st century BC perhaps best known for his multi-volume work entitled De Architectura. There is possibly lots i could write about architecture in relation to my husbands work but I have 8 seconds left on my battery power….writing to the clock.

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