Handle with care

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These are all pieces I have written about before, but newly photographed they look even more professional. They are currently in exhibition with ‘The Girl next door’ and ‘The Keyhole Man’ at The Collective show at London West Bank Gallery. The opening is tonight and the exhibition runs from 23rd -30 April at 133-137 Westbourne Grove. My husband phoned me this afternoon, to let me know he got there and that how the set up was going. He was all over the place today going on from the set up, to  have a meeting at the Royal British Sculpture Society and then back to the West Bank for the opening and then back home later tonight. Another busy day. Apparently there was another artist putting up his work and getting cross that the sculptures were dominating the space. In the next scene my husband described he found this artists tools including a hammer laid on ‘The keyhole man’. I am not quite sure what happened next – I can only imagine! This happened before when another artist put their coat on ‘Mother and Child’. I don’t know why people have done that. I know from working in galleries that art work is handled with the utmost care, gloves, packaging. I understand more now, as to why this is the case. These sculptures are all steel and painted to a high gloss finish. If things are dragged or placed upon them a scratch can mark it. The money, time and energy invested into each piece also means any repairs mean set backs. I think it is rather disrespectful from fellow artists. Perhaps there is some issue between painters and sculptors. We need to make signs saying ‘Handle with care’, not sure if it they should hand on the work or the artist though ! 🙂





monther and child

‘Mother & Child’

Wedding d

‘The Wedding Dress’

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