Studio Serendipity


Some times things do just happen all at once or as though things are happening as they are meant to. Serendipity, just sprung to mind. What a word ! it means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”. This is exactly what happened the other week when I was walking, with a friend in a place I usually run and we spotted a sign saying unit to let. After a few conversations and phone calls by the end of this month this will be ‘The Studio’.



Oh yes it snowed here again this week. Spring is surely nearly here? The sun has been out but it is still bitterly cold but so good to be out and about.
It’s very exciting on so many levels. It’s finally a space for the sculptures we have, a place to do the spray painting, a place that experiments can happen. Simply put ‘Space’. I also suddenly had visions of the sunnier days and the boys being able to play around here and a new place to spend time making and creating. Great timing too following last weeks news. We still have to sort out what happens next so that things can go into process for the ‘Evolution’ sculpture . For now we can focus on getting the studio ready. The studio we weren’t specifically searching for, great ‘serendipity’.

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