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To VOTE click here and then scroll down The RBS page, unfortunately you then have to click onto ‘see more recent stories’ then there are images of the five finalists. As it is in alphabetical order my husband’s image is last, lots of scrolling down I am afraid but we will really appreciate your vote. The theme given to sculptors to work on was ‘Transmission’. The concept for this maquette is below. Huge THANK YOU to all those who have voted already.

 So if you could PLEASE VOTE by clicking ‘like’ on the image of my husband’s maquette. It would be great to get it to 250 likes by next week. We are not sure how much the ‘public vote’ counts towards the winning. He still has an interview to put forward his proposal. The rest we have to leave to the jury. A prestigious panel of five. Who next week will have my husband’s career in their hands.

Maquette for FIRST@108 award, titled 'Evolution'

Maquette for FIRST@108 award, titled ‘Evolution’

This sculpture is under the name of ‘Evolution’, showing the development of the changes to our body caused by the powerful effect of life’s energy transmission inside us. My idea is presented by 7 individual sculptures, each piece representing a minimalistic shape of the human figure in seven different stages of life.

Each piece is represented in an individual shape, height and colour, enabling the viewer to separate every stage but still seeing the whole concept as one piece. As though it is a single wave depicting the energy within us, a wave of transmission.

The individual stages show the physically changes our body goes through in order to maintain or contain this energy. The 7 stages are: Infancy, Childhood, Teenage years, Adulthood, Maturity, Elderly and Death. These constructions will be made from steel, and by using high gloss colours makes the sculpture appear weightless but remains strong to withstand the elements.

This sculpture will have a minimalistic contemporary and an architectural appeal to connect with the viewer and allow them to see the message behind the concept. It has a child friendly appeal to encourage appreciation from a wide range of viewers.

This transmission within us doesn’t see culture, ethnicity, education, religion or any difference between us. It is within us regardless and we all share this mysterious transmission that is able to change us in a short period of time. Some of us are unaware of it; some of us take it for granted, some of us neglect it. This piece shows how powerful the energy which is transmitted through our life is and that our similarities are more inspiring than our differences.

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