Two years past and the year ahead

'Year Planner'

‘Year Planner’

Years….having said there isn’t such a thing as a new year I am titling this post with years and year as I look back on 2 years of blogging. I have gained in confidence and as I write my 100th post I feel a real sense of achievement. I have had small stirrings of ideas of other things to write, perhaps on paper rather than a blog.

I heard the quote “Blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation” in the film Contagion which made me turn a shade of crimson. I think Graffiti is a pretty good art form thanks to the likes of Banksy. Legal Productivity blog has made some very good comments about this quote ‘click here‘ to read more. For me, if it gets me writing then, who cares, my punctuation isn’t that great anyway. If it’s something to do with shelf life then in some ways I am glad it doesn’t linger to long. It makes me a bit nervous to think that things can linger in the web of the worldwide internet for too long.

Blogging has enabled me to ‘practice’ at something. I have become lazy and unambitious in just wanting to see an end result without perfecting the art of practising and talking myself out of doing anything. Odd really as I grew up ‘practising’ the piano, the flute, the saxophone, netball, duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Perhaps I was all practised out. Maybe I have finally found something I want to practise.

My intention with this blog was to write about my husband’s practise to give me motivation to promote his work more. Two years on and his work has really developed, into a definite brand and style. He has up and coming exhibitions. One of my jobs was to fill in the year planner before writing this, I feel I have cheated a bit to use this image in this post as obviously it is not a sculpture and it would have been better to have had all the dates filled but some are not completely finalised and it required another job to search through emails to fill in. However, it is useful to have a picture of the year and know that there are events and exhibitions happening, Nancy Victor Gallery is currently exhibiting work in the show, ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and The Store street , The Curious Duke, galleries and FPS (Free Painters and Sculptors Society) all have work in exhibitions over the next few months and then there is the possibility of The Affordable Art Fair and London TENT later in the year. The most nervously and eagerly anticipated project is the FIRST@108 which we are finishing up this week and will be taken down to London this month to The Royal British Society of Sculptors. So there will be much to write about. 2013 is looking good for sculpture and blogging, let’s see where it take us! 🙂

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