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I am setting myself a little challenge. In 3 days time I will have been blogging for 2 years. It is amazing and confusing as to where those two years have gone. Swept up in the daily life of  being a full-time mama and ‘Sculptors wife’! Not only that, I have three blogs to write to reach 100 blogs. So I am giving myself a bit of motivating to try to write every day, which isn’t something I usually can do, but must, in order to hit 100 blog posts on my 2 year blogging anniversary, if I can use that expression.



mmmm………..The uncertainty of it is finding the right images with writings and relevance and having the time to sit and write!



This piece, so aptly titled was one that was well and truly lost in the fire ,as unlike most of the other work  it was made of recycled materials. I could create a competition to ‘Guess what the sculpture is made out of’ …The rest of the work is slowly being recovered and a busy schedule is starting to look promising for this year ahead.



This time of year can create the feelings of uncertainty. The year ahead lying before us unknown. Why it makes us more prone to renewal and rethinking I am unsure. For the first time the ‘New Year’ had no real meaning for me. I was in bed early and I didn’t have a feeling of expectation or disappointment. After all, it is just another day. The marker of time is not really that significant, it isn’t actually 2013 now, the world has been in existence for far longer. ‘Today’ is really all that we have, yesterday is gone and can no longer be changed and tomorrow. Well, we have to wait and see what unfolds.

One thought on “Uncertainty

  1. Sweet musings, my dear. Am wondering what has changed in you with the blogging that would not have changed without it?? Has your internal composition changed in some way as you’ve used various mediums, shapes and forms in Sami’s art as inspiration? Love you, xxsheila

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