It’s a wrap


Just a quick post about the busy evening we are having. Our kitchen is the largest room in the house so is the place we can get jobs done. So this evening I have been wrapping presents for the festive season. Actually re-wrapping them as my husband had kindly wrapped them this morning whilst I was out thinking he was helping which he was, except I had a very creative theme going on in my head for them all. So whilst I enjoyed my creativity and wrapping the gifts, my husband at the other end of the table was making his maquette for the First@108 award. He was literally beading sweat, drilling and assembling but finally finished. My back was aching from standing for so long but we are now all wrapped up.

We are also in the process of writing the proposal and still have that to finish. Tomorrow my sister in law arrives from Egypt to join us for christmas time and this next week will get sucked into festivities with my family. I can’t for obvious reasons put up a picture of the maquette and although my present wrapping is an art form in itself and a funny story of ours I thought this sculpture, ‘family’ was appropriate for the holiday period. Time to spend with family, forgive family, and to remember that family is a gift more cherished than any material gift you give or receive.

My wrapping story, if you are interested and to cut a long story short is that I won a scotch tape gift wrapping competition in London which then resulted in a feature of my wrapping a garden gnome on a daytime TV show using a Scotch wrist dispenser device. The only problem was before I went on to the set live I was told I couldn’t say the brand Scotch I had to say tape. Of course, the main point was that I was there as part of PR to the Scotch brand. Well, I am still surprised I wasn’t dragged off. It would have been great if I had carelessly forgotten and said ‘scotch’ anyway but oh no I said se-lotape all the way through. The local TV news was a slight improvement, definitely not cut out for TV. I will stick to hiding behind a screen instead!


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