The end of the world

Conceptual, Exhibitions, Philosophy

So it’s not the end of the world that work got damaged in the fire. I don’t mean to be on a negative sounding tone at the moment. There is talk that the 21st December could see some celestial change. “This year, the end of the ancient Mayan long count calendar is said to be The Date. On 21 December either the earth will be wiped out by cosmic disaster, or there will be a profound shift in global consciousness leading to an unprecedented epoch of universal peace. Some of the most dedicated believers in the Mayan prophecy fear for the worst and say that the only hope lies in being whisked away to safety in a giant spaceship currently awaiting its cue under a mountain near Bugarach in France.” (The guardian)


For the next few days however, there is an exhibition running called PROJECT 2012 End of the World.  These three pieces have been selected to be part of Project 2012 (End of the world exhibition) They will be shown alongside 32 other artists, the works are intended to unveil the spectator’s inner fears, passions and hopes. The exhibition will be held at Mile End Art Pavillion, Clinton Way, Mile End Park, London, E3 4QY. Private View 11th Dec 2012 6pm-9pm  Some of my husbands more conceptual pieces will be on show.

2012 2


2012 3

The Diner



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