All sorted?

Colour, Exhibitions, Philosophy

What a week, What a morning. Getting ready for the Amsterdam Showcase. The logistics of getting there started a few weeks ago when we discovered it was going to cost freight to take the sculptures across to Rotterdam on the ferry in the van. So after a re-think we had an experiment to see if the sculptures and bags would fit in my car. With a squash and a squeeze, all sorted. So we came to book the ferry this week and it was still going to  cost a lot to come back on the Sunday evening so we had to book two singles separately adding to the drama. All sorted?


‘Aphrodite – head shot’

A ghostly looking husband arrived down the stairs the other morning, I have forgotten something. What? Plinths! No way that the custom-made, 3 times 40cm plus size blocks will fit in my car or on a car rack (one of which we don’t have). So a rush out to the joiner and a quick sketch for an idea for a flat pack and 24 hours to make them, all sorted?

‘The Girl next door'

‘The Girl next Door’

It is a bitterly cold but beautiful morning. Morning of impending ferry voyage, Husband is poorly, I forget to cancel his dentist appointment. I am driving to school with the intention of then doing a last few jobs before I am without car for 4 days in rural village. Electric goes. Windscreen wipers jam on the car. Ominous sign. I take it to the garage navigating the round a-bout and busy junctions without indicators. Grumpy Garage Guy says, you’ll need another car. I stay calm. It’s booked on a ferry this evening to take sculpture to an exhibition. Sort it. (I don’t speak like that but I get the message across). Waiting at the bus stop with my toddler who is freezing I decided to take a taxi home. We have nervous energy waiting to see if the car can be fixed. The looming prospect of finding an alternative solution is getting to us. Phone Call. Car sorted. Relief. Off he goes in the car to see if the newly designed and made flat pack plinths will fit in the car. Finally all packed up, off they go. All sorted! An hour later I notice a pair of big male boots by the kitchen door….mmm, sure he put those there saying something about them. So I phone him, “Did you need your boots?” Oh no……I can sense him looking down at his feet (he is in the passenger seat, I must add) Good job I didn’t go in my flip-flops!

‘Mother & Chid'

‘Mother & Child’

These three pieces are now snuggly packed in my car on the overnight ferry to Holland. Husband on chilly crossing over the dark sea. Exhibition Overseas, here we come. Though next time we need to be a little more prepared and look into the logistics, the cost and the transport. Well,  I am snuggly sat writing at home. Quite relieved to have some time to gather my thoughts after a frantic week. When you are within your own daily drama thinking how stressful a situation is, it easy to forget everyone has their own drama or situations to sort. We rarely get everything in order, or all sorted out. It is all part of life’s daily flow. The fun is how you deal with it. Ah well, that’s that sorted then!

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