Colour TV

Colour, Steel

I was a little premature in posting the pictures in the last entry. We are now in colour. My son has been entertaining us with his talk and body movements about Charlie Chaplin this week. They are doing the topic, ‘Light Camera Action’. He interestingly observed that it was when TV was ‘black and white’. Colour TV first came to the Uk in 1967, 17 years after USA. Then the rest of the world in the 70’s and 80’s. Which isn’t that long ago. The amount of viewing time is a bit of a debate in our house. I fondly remember my final year as a student when I didn’t have one. However, now cartoons and films are hard to let go.

 These colours are very child friendly, primary colours, vivid and bold. It makes the pieces playful, attractive and acts as a juxtaposition for the theme. We need to reflect on colour, brightness, light as the nights draw in. It was practically the middle of the night when we drove back from school. This is an interesting article which I must read more attentively Winter and TV.

‘Freedom of Speech’

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    1. Hi, thanks for your comment but what do you mean?, writing about it or making with natural objects? At the moment I am simply writing about my husband’s art work. I am not the artists, merely the blogger 🙂

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