Face to Face

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‘Black & White’

‘Mother & child’

‘The girl next door’

 There is something so much more wholesome about speaking to another face to face. I am the worst person for having a conversation with over the telephone, it involves speaking. One can’t rely on the subtleties of facial expression for the acknowledgement that you are listening. I am also not that great in a group, I find it difficult having snatched conversations and can get distracted by the fact that others are around. So face to face is definitely my preference. So what do I think of face time? I am not quite sure I have fully grasped what it is yet. I have used Skype on occasion but still I think I prefer in the flesh.

Having advocated all the social networking media for promoting yourself as an artist, we are finding that if my husband actually goes into a physical gallery in person, or meets a gallery owner at an opening in person then he is more successful. He has a presence that is hard to convey by the written word especially as it is translated twice before it gets anywhere!

I have also changed the face of this page, I am not too sure about it yet, I felt in need of the change but it is still not quite right. Work in progress. I have had the time to play around with the setting as my husband has been in London again this week. This time with some appointments at galleries. So things are moving forward, albeit slowly.

Tonight is the preview of Face to Face at Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green. An exhibition exploring portraiture and is on until October 2nd. I could go into more depth about each piece and portraiture but I’ve faced the computer enough these last two evenings.

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