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Colour, Connections, Digital Art, Relationships

Last week was London Design Festival and some of my husband’s work went down with designer Anthony Hartley‘s furniture. One of our digital prints was sold which was fantastic news! Anthony has a fantastic space in Haworth which my husband is now showing some of his work in, It is a great up and coming project which collaborates these two fantastic designers and others. They met at The other art fair but both work out of Yorkshire.

In my last entry I spoke of fashion and art and the same applies to design and art. where does one start and the other end? Sometimes the boundaries are blurred. In the same way my blogging boundaries are becoming a bit blurred. I am starting to have an internal debate about whether I should branch out and have a blog, for entries like this dedicated to what is happening in the world of Sam Shendi Sculptor , to be more factually about event and news and leave The sculptor’s wife to the entries of my own ramblings matching images of my husbands work. What do you think?

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