Wild from the woods

Beautiful Bronze, Connections, Making, Mother and Child

Not only does this beautiful bronze look a bit like earthy bark, both in colour and form but the whole piece represents me today. I am sat writing warming up with a cup of tea after a fantastic play in the woods with my youngest boy. It was all of those basic natural delights; fire, sticks, mud, fresh air. Finding Fungus, looking at leaves. Watching, observing, learning. Windswept and whiffing of smokey woods. We loved it!  Out in the semi wilderness this morning and braving the elements, I envisaged the cold that will come. I have got a bit to used to my creature comforts and it is too easy to forget that long ago people survived and still do from the outdoors alone. Foraging for firewood, finding shelter gathering berries, being connected with nature. When my little boy fell and slightly grazed his hand, the second injury of the day, he wanted some more cream as I had already coated his cheek in some hypercal, which has properties of calendula. I pondered on what would have been used as herbal healing treatment in days of old.

These images are the newly taken photos of a bronze I blogged about in one of my first posts. These images really show the smooth texture of the original clay material which my husband sculpted with his hands. Then cast in a patinated bronze which enhances the whole mother and child. A mother and child at one with nature.

“and though I had been taught in school that the wilderness of the world was cold and uncaring, unfeeling and ruled by tooth and claw, I did not find it so. It gave me all I have and began to teach me a truth I had not learned in school, a truth plain in it’s every line, and movement and turning. For nature does not know how to lie. It is such a simple observation that there are no straight lines in nature but it is a door into Nature’s heart”, Stephen Harrod Buhner.

Read a few blogs recently about this sort of thing;

a local one I just discovered and someone I used to work with.   http://www.annieberrington.co.uk/

Can’t find the specific entry I  was looking for but the whole ethos of this blog: http://knowthesphere.wordpress.com

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