‘Mother & Child’

Colour, Egyptian, Mother and Child, Philosophy, Relationships, Steel

It is such an age-old theme tackled by artists time and time again and it very difficult to name it anything other than ‘Mother and Child’. For those with an untuned eye at ‘the art of seeing’ in abstract/ minimalistic art; if you look at the top image, the shadow on the wall created by the sculpture gives you a shadow of what could be the shadow of a reclined figure. You can see the head and then the knee and lower leg.  I wish had the serenity of a mother lying down, with this ‘calm pink’ oosing out in an aura of loveliness. The curves of the piece, the natural flow of line gives the shape of natural peaceful parent. I feel, however, that these last six weeks of summer holiday was more an image of me as a cartoon cardboard cutout  and a mama with the blues for one reason or another. So this piece sums up my own ‘head and heart’ grapplings with motherhood at the moment. Today was the first day back at school for my eldest into his second year and it felt more emotional than his first. He is growing up and I think in tandem with my youngest reaching two years, those early baby days are starting to become days of the past. (The baby hopefully obviously the negative space in the middle of the sculpture)

I noticed this morning that the wind was whisking the leaves of the trees already, autumn approaches and yet where was summer (think this contributed to the bluesy feeling in the latter part of August). Change is in the air again.  This week the anniversary of my husband’s mother’s birth and death. This in itself, a reason why the theme of mother and child is so prominent in his work. Part of the cycle of life, we watch our children grow and we watch our parents age. The seasons change like the stage of life. Everything has it’s moment to flourish and grow and the time to withdraw and slow down. We have to remember to be in the moment to appreciate what we have.

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