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Thought I’d better sneak in a cheeky post just to bump up my August posts stats to 2. However, I still haven’t got a clear enough head to think about quite what to write about and which images to put up. We have just had some fabulous new pictures taken and some of the work I have already posted about is transformed by the higher quality of image.

Makes all the difference. It’s amazing how a different perspective, another view-point or angle can show you something you didn’t see before. Obviously, I am not only talking about a sculpture now. This summer has been busy and yet quite at the same time. The school holiday and the dynamics of having both boys at home everyday, a mix of weather from very hot to almost wintry and Ramadan has made for a quiet, reflective very home based holiday. With lots of thinking and still some to do so I can re start in september, like a new blogging year. I will leave you this to ponder on…

3 thoughts on “????

  1. Good Evening Sculptors Wife,

    I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed going through your blog. I must admit, I am not an art aficionado by any means, but the work featured and your commentary makes it very approachable and easily contemplative. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I’ve enjoyed it so much that I featured you on my latest post:


    Thank you again for sharing!

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