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‘The gymnast'

Life is about balance. I went away this weekend for the first time in a long time , just me, no boys. I went on an amazing hen weekend. Wake boarding! Not only did the break realign my balance, the active outdoor adventure and the stimulating conversation with other woman was a great re energiser.

Speaking with the other ‘girls’ made me realise how woman are always trying to balance all the different aspects of their lives. As my friend, bride to be was one of my rowing friends most of the woman there had some connection with rowing at Durham, Oxford and GB Rowing Olympiads. Some trying to still fit in rowing whilst others had parted ways and started new adventures. With the Olympics approaching and all the buzz around it, the athletes  will be  trying to find a balance to remain composed before they start the ‘big race’. Some use the race as an analogy for life, but in that sense  we need to think about where we are heading. We need to stop and take stock, reflect in the moment and re address our balance.

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