Vertical and Horizontal

Colour, Connections, Old Masters, Public Art, Steel

Staying with the local theme, when we were at the Mill in Haworth we met someone who runs one of the local magazines. In the small world that it is, we realised that we knew her through ‘networking’ with the business and my prior work. Anyway, she liked one of the pieces and thought it would be topical for this months edition. So it made the front cover! The photograph makes it very much like a 3D Mondrian. It is part of the cubist collection (see if you can spot the others in earlier blogs!) The harmony between vertical and horizontal is an important feature in my husbands work. The straight lines and angles in this piece displays it clearly. In other pieces it is not so apparent but it occurs through his practice even the curvy pieces. With the olympics approaching and here in the UK this year it was a natural subject to explore. We will see people push their physical limits in strength, stamina, determination, flexibility and endurance. Perhaps whilst the rest of us watch restfully from home in a more horizontal position!

(For those of you who are local you may get one of these through the door or you can pick it up from local shops and business. If not then

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