Only Human

Colour, History, Philosophy, Soul searching, Steel
'Mr Hot'

‘Mr Hot’

'Mr Cold'

‘Mr Cold’

It was a rare moment last night when I slipped into the living room undisturbed and switched the television on and happened upon the last set of the Nadal v Rosol match. I was almost biting my nails. Could Rosol keep his cool? Could Nadal be any hotter and drip any more sweat into his towel to delay his devastating defeat? It was one of those moments when you knew history was in the making.

Rosol certainly could keep his cool. Composed he was serving a series of aces and returning down the line like he was merely on a practice of shooting targets. The 100 ranked Czech didn’t seemed phased by the centre court limelight or the ‘winner’ opposing him. We can often put barriers in front of us, be it other people or other ideas that prevent us from being able to overcome our own hurdles and reach the dream. We can all control our emotions if we put our mind to it. We can keep our cool under pressure and we can temper our ‘hot headed-ness’ when we need to. We can so easily put ourselves down thinking that ‘other’s are better’ but we are all only human. Rosol is that proof that even in adversity one can rise to the challenge of a great opponent and steal the show. Rosol so aptly put it in his post play interview, that his opponent was, after all, ‘only human’.

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