The Keyhole Family

Colour, Conceptual, Egyptian, History, Philosophy, Public Art, Relationships, Soul searching

‘The Keyhole family’

This sculpture of five pieces present five different emotions we all share, we all go through. Sometimes, we pass through them; sometimes we get stuck in them. Beyond our differences of shapes, colour, education we all share the similarity of emotion and experiences. The focus behind this collection is to highlight the similarity between all of us; whatever we try to hide or expose, admit or deny. The ‘keyhole’ symbolises our vulnerability and if someone manages to find the right key then they find our weakness.

I haven’t sat and written for a while as it has been so hot, too hot to do much!  These five little men making up The Keyhole family has been bought and now live in someone’s house. So I thought I had better write a little about them before the next generation are born. I had an image of these little men half buried in a desert like landscape being discovered after thousands of years and a new age of people or alien beings discovering them in the midst of desolation. Like archeologist discovering Egypt’s ancient treasures. What would ‘they’ understand about ‘us’. Cheerful, happy faces vibrant colours on the surface everything is alright. The individual design shows a deeper level of  thought displaying some of the issues of humanity we face.


We get confused from time to time….

 Sweet Kiss

All of us sometimes relies upon the sweeter person within us and this person deserves a kiss!….


Nations and cultures have built themselves on some words of wisdom and some of us chose it as a path….

Mr Hot  & Mr Cold

Represents our sexuality level and how this changes and how some people can control it like a tap….

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