The Journey to The Other Art Fair

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‘Sam Shendi Sculptures. The Other Art Fair. May 2012

I had been anxious about taking my two small boys on the train to London by myself. Armed with a number of activity books, crayons and pencils and a picnic lunch to feed the train I was more than prepared. Catching the train back was a little more dramatic with 55 minutes to get a bus ride to Brixton and then an 18 minute tube journey to Kings Cross. Needless to say, with large rucksack on my back, pushchair with toddler in front and small boy holding my hand, we ran like we have never run before. As we jumped on the train the doors shut behind us and pulled off from the station. My face was beetroot. Red (like my last blog entry).

As I took my eldest to school on Monday morning in the car, I contemplated how we would get to school without it. In rural yorkshire I am so dependant on my car. Public transport in London was an adventure all by itself. Journeys take us to the destination and we see it as a means to an end but the adventure is often as much in the travel. It made me reflect on my husbands long journey to get to the point he was at, at The Other Art Fair this weekend. It has taken him almost 12 years to get the body of work he now has together.

With the insistence on using high quality material and with no external funding the financial side has taken a while. Along side, the development in his practice has also been a journey. Starting mostly with clay he manipulated this material to form his pieces. It was always costly to cast them one night  many perished in an almighty crash when the table they were on collapsed under the weight and shattered probably near on 50 clay works. This prompted a move into wooden shapes with small figures ( see earlier blog entries) and took a direction that made his works larger. Looking back these works were precursors to the pieces we have now, which almost mould together abstract shape and figure into one. Linking both the clay work and larger work together. With the final splash of colour we have the body of work which was shown at The Other Art Fair, London. What a success. The journey still continues with lots of exciting propositions and projects ahead.

Like in life the adventure is the journey you just have to focus on the present to make the most of it.

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