Reading, Ready, Red


A dear new friend has lent me ‘The Time Traveler’s wife’ to read. I can not stop reading. I need to be getting ready but I can not put the book down. It is almost in my hand as I write. This week is another mentally and physically busy week getting everything ready for this weekend. The other art Fair.

We have all been under the weather, for what seems like the whole of the year. However, I am attempting to boost our immune systems with vitamin tablets and positive thinking in aim to get us all to London. Whilst my husband has been in the middle of a little drama over van hire and driving to city, transferring sculptures across town, I am anxiously preparing for the train journey with our two boys. I wish I could time travel and just get us there in a flash. When I tilted this blog it had a familiar feel to it and I did do a search just incase there were any other sculptor’s wives out there. Perhaps I was subconsciously thinking of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. On reflection, is the book is about the Time Traveler or The wife? It is, if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it written in both his and her voice. Not quite like this blog which I feel is leaning too heavily on my voice but then perhaps that is the point!

This piece has been newly painted, and in all its red glory looks very different to its former metal state. It is one of my favourites, it’s me balancing motherhood and all the colour it brings to life. For some reason it makes me think of the ‘Time Traveler’s wife’ perhaps the futuristic feel to it or that ironically she was a sculptor too. So would definitely recommend the read. Better go and get ready. Lots of ‘red’ at The Other Art Fair this weekend.

Friday 11th May 11am-8pm – Sat 12th May 11am-6pm – Sun 13th May 11am-6pm – AMBIKA P3, MARYLEBONE ROAD, LONDON, NW1

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