Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

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Crazy Day. Crazy Good Day. Took the boys out on a relatively big trip for us. So, exhausted on the way back in the car, they both fell asleep. So much for my

good plan of wearing them out so that they will sleep well at night! We came back in the house which was still looking like a bomb site from the mornings antics and my husband in the living room with a new sculpture sticking small question marks all over it ????? I waded through the kitchen to make a quick tea and tried to tidy up whilst the boys ran around the table with various kitchen utensils and my husbands asking me for various spellings whilst he ‘twittered’ away on his laptop. It all seemed a bit crazy in my head. The development with his art work has been going a bit crazy over the last few weeks.

Easter Holidays has meant having both boys at home for two weeks and before that my eldest was off school so I have failed to keep up with blogging. I am now into the third week of trying to keeping my sanity levels stable. Consequently, perhaps, my eczema has gone crazy. And, in all honestly I was going a bit crazy in this blogging world. Checking up on stats. and reading others blogs was not helping me to be creative. I was comparing my writing skill and style to others and becoming negative about my own and then constantly checking to see if anyone had read or remarked on what I had written. So the break has been good. The fresh air today has given us all a new energy.. and the sleep on the way back a later night than I had hoped for the boys.

Six years ago it was also a crazy night, It was the eve of my wedding day. We didn’t have a traditional English wedding nor did we have a traditional Egyptian one. We did it our way! A week before I cut my hair very short and dyed it bleach blond. Crazy! Maybe, but it looked great with little red roses in and set off my black and white spotted dress! We drove back from the registry office listening to the very current track by Gnarles Barkley ‘Crazy’ and the words kind of summed up that time. Now the words do have an echo, and they do take me back to that time and place. It has been an amazing 6 years, bought a house, bought a business had two boys and started to establish a name in the art world. Crazy busy.

Getting down to the art work then, I will have to blog more about that next week when I have a little more time to myself. The image here, is not a great one to show the quality of these works, and I ironically made some odd remark about just that, to my husband after he put them on Facebook. We’ve had some great quality images recently but can’t keep the imagery to the frequent entries in the social media! Anyway, they have been repainted and renamed Adam and Eve, seems appropriate to be mentioning them at the time of our wedding anniversary and also when there has been so much in the media recently about marriage. I don’t often have black and white views more like shades of grey indecision but with the discussion about marriage and civil ceremonies of late I am very clear. In relation to our marriage, the fact that these fantastic stainless steel sculptures have been given a facelift making them even more vibrant and exciting symbolises well, our relationship. We are very different personalities and characters, (will have to go into more depth about ‘My husband, The Sculptor’ another time) so together we are like ying and yang. I guess that is how it works for most couples and it just seems crazy to me! Crazy Day, Crazy life, Crazy Love!

If you are interested, I just looked up the definition of Crazy;

1.mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way

2.extremely enthusiastic

3(of an angle) appearing absurdly out of place or in an unlikely position

I am not sure I meant any of these for any of the times I wrote the word in this blog. That’s the English Language, or perhaps I need to start reading a thesaurus. Crazy!




'Adam and Eve' painted Black and White

Black and White

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