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Post, post stick, poster, post box…

Distracted by ‘the lollipop’ in my last post, I completely forgot my initial reason for ‘blogging’. So this post stick looking sculpture is a good reminder !

Imagine a poster for Northern England, a farmhouse nestled within rolling hills, surrounded by newly bleating bouncing lambs, sun shining and the daffodils a plenty, topped off with good old fresh air.  I returned from this idyllic scene, to reunite with my husband returning from London and his first Debut Contemporary mentoring session. Via the ipad I listened to the session. From posts to platforms and pinterest I was bombarded into another world of  SOCIAL MEDIA. I immediately thought of my hesitations about entering into this world, couldn’t write it better than ‘knowingthesphere’ (I Think bloggers are also connecting on the webs of thought).

While I sit thinking about things and weighing up the pros and cons, my husband just gets on with it. He has now a  twitter  and Pinterest, and we are both seeing the benefits of him being in this virtual world.  Unbeknown to me I had stumbled across pinterest before and not realised what it was. Like a  mood board it is a virtual pin board, way of collecting images. Great idea. A visual post. What happened to walking to the post box?

3 thoughts on “Post…er?

  1. Thank you. Yours is truly great. Thank you. I usually try to write my own, but if I don’t I source them from great sites. I’m a dedicated info warrior and a dedicated activist.

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