The Nightwatchman

Colour, Exhibitions, Galleries, History, Old Masters, Steel
'The night watcher'

'The night watcher'

“I believe that art should represent the time period of the artist. However you can not deny the fact that an artist will draw inspiration from the past” twittered my husband.

Ah yes the world of twitter has now been opened, encouraged by the mentoring of Debut Contemporary, where the piece above was ‘snapped’. We haven’t many images of this piece since it has been ‘coloured’. So this is the only one I can put up for now.

The piece is very much about its title which was inspired after my husband visited a gallery in The Netherlands and saw Rembrandt’s ‘The night Watch’. It is quite rare that he goes to galleries concerned he will get overly influenced by another artists work and also frustration about getting his own work into galleries.

Rembrandt’s, ‘The night watch’ now “one of the most famous paintings in art”. Painting, after his wife’s death resulted in a stylistic change.  What happens in daily life affects the work of an artists, therefore, art  reflects society at that time. “An artist’s life and work are reciprocal”.(Fowkes. C, 1978)

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