Exhibitions, Philosophy

'In the gallery'

This isn’t the first exhibition in London but it feels as though it is more significant. We are hoping that something comes from it. We are hoping it is received well.

My husband has just left the house to take the train down to Notting Hill. Perhaps, it is because we don’t live in London that it seems a little more nerve-wracking for him. It is also so easy to build something up and so there is a concern we are doing the same again. How many pieces will they be exhibiting? Over dressed? Featured artists are already getting a spotlight?. Such is life, we want to clamber to the top like the newly sprouting flowers of spring pushing through the dirt to get a glimpse of the sunshine.

My husband has started to worry his work isn’t exciting enough. I remember, Hughes’ book ‘The shock of the new’ being the classic art handbook at school which I loved. I am hopeful, now, that there is a slow movement of shift away from, shock value. Perhaps, because I feel society has drifted so much it is shocking enough we need to reintroduce some values, ideals and genuine talent.

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