Walls and Webs

Beautiful Bronze, Connections

The big step forward'

Ever get that feeling that someone has read your mind? Are we all connected by some invisible thread weaving us together?

The world-wide web connects us in so many ways. For my husband, Facebook is like a meeting place for artists. The old greats would meet in some Parisian coffee shop or art expose. Much cooler and artisan, in my opinion. Today’s modern equivalent is the internet. The terminology and ‘speak’ that goes hand in hand is amusing and somewhat confusing to those who are not ‘plugged in’. “Get off my wall” one teenage said to another as they sat next to each other with phones in hand.

I don’t completely understand the difference, but my husband now has a public Facebook page. So take a look at my husbands ‘WALL’. We haven’t ventured into the world of bird speak . Perhaps, that’s yet to come. Although, I am a little more apprehensive about twittering. On his return from London we have made some improvements to his website too www.samshendi.co.uk .

Considering we live in small village in North Yorkshire my husband has a strange way of being very ‘in vogue’. Last year he painted our showroom in vibrant greens which was, a colour which was few months later, ‘on trend’.

‘The big step forward’, a beautiful bronze piece has come alive since being professionally photographed and is symbolic of the stage we are in at the moment.  His practice has moved on from the kind of pieces above and has found himself again in the middle of what magazines are suggesting is in fashion.

I wonder if there is some subliminal connection between creative types, their thought process and ideas. In the world of fashion (London fashion week this week) it is all researched and analysed to predict forward trends…still not quite sure how they do that! Perhaps, there is some hidden webs tangling the talented together.

2 thoughts on “Walls and Webs

  1. Love the idea of hidden webs unknowingly entangling all the creatives together! Somehow, I think it just happens that we are all subconsciously absorbing influences all around us.. and often, we just blindly come to the same conclusion at the same time!

    PS– Twitter still bewilders me, too!

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