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'Mother and child'

 2012 so far has been a little sleep deprived. I think colds, teeth and just general comfort are the main reasons my baby keeps ‘waking up’ at the moment. For me it is on top of 17 months of sleepless nights so it is starting to take its toll. However, I know this whole period doesn’t last long and I am sensing already a ‘waking up’ from the comatose state of baby days. As the baby grows into a toddler it also feels like a ‘waking up’, so much more active. Walking, babbling, playing..less sleeping during the day! Their senses awakening to the world around them.

I was heartened to read two articles recently which confirmed my own method of sleep and motherhood. It is amazing how just another person agreeing with you gives you the confidence to feel stronger in your own stand point.  I was lacking that confidence due to the fact that I am very aware that in a western society the idea of co-sleeping with your infant is ‘not the done thing’. We are programmed some how through media and community to put the baby in a crib and then a cot in the nursery. Affected by my maternity in Egypt both my boys have slept in my bed. It has been so much easier for a variety of reasons, if not simple due to lack of space, but also I have found dragging myself out of bed so much more tiring as it ‘wakes you up’.

Despite the recent snow and ice there are subtle signs of spring. Life is also waking up slowly as the crisp winter mornings are un-curling into sunnier spring afternoons. We continue to have awakenings throughout life, we have to be ready to unfold into them.

'Mother and child'

'Mother and child'

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