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'Wire sculpture'

The word ‘debut’ comes from French début, meaning a performer’s first-time performance to the public.

It always makes me think of ballet. I saw Degas’ ballerina statue in Paris many years ago, was one of those pieces of art that you see images of but seeing the real thing was something again! I refer to that because my husband made a few wire sculptures, one of which was a ballet dancer. It was more like a 3D sketch really and one that got skipped. Funnily we then saw it placed on a rock a gate post in a field near our house. How it got there and why I have no idea. As I write, in that very strange ‘real time’  my husband is walking into a gallery in Notting Hill called Debut Contemporary. I, myself am a little anxious in anticipation. I am almost baffled as to how to describe my husbands anxiety over the last week. We are unsure what will come of it. He isn’t doing a performance but it is his first ever interview.

Debut is also a derivative of débuter (“to move, begin”). We are hoping it may be a new beginning of something.

dé- + but (“mark, goal”), from Old French but (“aim, goal, end, target”)

I guess the target or aim is for a platform for my husbands work to be ‘noticed’ for him to make connections and get more gallery space. We are very much of the mind-set what will be will be (maktub) but I am nervously waiting for a phone call later on to find out what will happen next…..

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