Seeing Red

Exhibitions, Making, Relationships

'Red Man'

This week we are ‘Seeing Red’………My husband has returned from Switzerland but not without hiccup. He rang me from the airport on Sunday, I anticipated to tell me he would be seeing us soon. Shocked he told me, that he had discovered when asking a lady at a desk where his flight was, that it was the day before. It was going to cost a good £1000 to fly via Amsterdam that day. So he (still at cost) had managed to get one for the following day. Don’t ask! The good news, however was that the gallery owner he met really liked the ‘Red Man’ so a proposed series for an exhibition is being put together…shame he can’t get on with the ‘making’, money went on flights instead! The gallery, ‘Gallerie Life in Art’ seems an apt title for my blog too!

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