Evaluating and New Beginnings

Digital Art, Exhibitions, Soul searching

'Front Window'

'The Exhibition Chain Reaction 2011'

'A viewer'

With the exhibition over and the work back in store, we have had various conversations and discussions about how it went. There was an air of disappointment because nothing was sold but more so because there seemed to be a lack of publicity and the concerns we had had about the space after the first show were not improved on a second visit. However things were learnt, website to improve, a stronger sense of identity in terms of what work really represents ‘the sculptor’ and a realisation that we had to TRY a little harder.

In that vain, I am celebrating that I have actually kept blogging for a year and have just had my ‘first year blog evaluation’. I started writing with caution and almost with a secrecy which one year on has turned into my usual critical inner voice of, why can’t I write better? why can’t I get more style? How do I get more readers?, How do I get more comments?, How do I…etcetc. Over the New Year period I always find I become a bit melancholic coupled with the fact that it has rained almost constantly so my mood is permanently dampened. I start over analysing the past and then get a little bit fearful of the future. In a rather negative stance it does seem a bit more doom and gloom this year, the situation in Egypt is looking a bit dark, financially things don’t look great and hey ho we are another year older and I am still no further on choosing my own direction.

Following the exhibition we were a bit disheartened as to how to proceed into 2012 with enthusiasm. However, a promising opportunity has appeared and we are hopefully that something may come of it to push my husbands work in a better direction and gain more connections. It is amazing how something small can lift the spirits and we do have to start small sometimes (better diet, more exercise..starting very small at the moment), a walk with a friend, finishing a ‘first small novel’ with my son, baking a cake. Which, by the way to evaluate Herman was a delicious success until I then messed up my final mixture and lost the thread of continuing to have him permanently in the house. Good job really, would not have helped my new healthy diet to begin. So I will sign off and have a cup of tea and a chocolate bar!

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