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December and cold, I have a cold. December and Exhibition time again. So I am at home alone feeling little bit sorry for myself! My husband left early this morning, thankfully no longer snowing, with his art work and his man with the van and set off to London.

This new Digital piece will be now very visible in 196 Brick Lane gallery window. So if you are bustling the busy streets in this December cold, in London and suddenly find yourself being watched by this very living looking face have a little wander inside to see some more of this new phase of work. or better still head to the opening tomorrow evening at 6pm!

The purpose of these works (more to follow) is to bring life to the sculptures using digital images, to show the intention for creating each piece, capturing the meaning behind the sculpture. Each work is printed on industrial material (acrylic) creating more depth to the image.

This body of work reflects the observations and experience of humanity in our time, to capture the moment that most of us are unaware of, or don’t stop to take time to appreciate. Situations which are happening to us all on a daily basis, and in a second when you stop and stare there is a translation of body language, emotion, expressions that give us a message. I have probably written that before as it is the thread through all the work he does.

I found it a real struggle today but I managed to just stop still under a duvet with a book this afternoon to rest and try to shift this head cold…….I recently read an article about how we have used antibiotics so much that they no longer really work. We use medication to treat illness as though it is a solution to a problem, we can easily mask it with medication and plow on. Sometimes there is a reason. Stillness is sometimes needed for our body to recover. So I am attempting to stay still……..

2 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Love your writing, Tams. Sorry you’re feeling bad. You’re so right about antibiotics. Much better to activate and support your own inner pharmacy, drinking water, teas, chicken soup (anables swift digestion), decrease milk products for a time (creates mucous which tends to stay in system longer), and yes, sleep. Hard to do with 3 little ones, but ask for help! You have people around that love you, and you would certainly do it for those you love. thinking of you. and glad the folks will be home soon. wish I could join you all for xmas… xxs

    1. Hi Shelia, thanks for your message and reading my blog! It is a shame you can’t be with us at christmas -we are all together this year..was it 3 years ago when you were here….How are you?? xx

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