What is the rush?

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'Urgency 2011'

Why are we always rushing? I realise sometimes in the moment I am rushing my son to put on his socks, hurry hurry hurry. Ok, so perhaps there is a need to rush in the morning when trying to get out the house and get to school on time but I am not so sure I need to be so militant about it.

Why do we do so many things at the same time with out failing to stop and notice what we are doing? Actually that ‘idiot abroad’ summed it up quite well after his japanese tea ceremony experience. How often do we finish a cup of tea without really noticing we’ve drunk it. How often are we doing a few things at once and not really paying attention to any of it. A friend was telling me how her mum whilst on her allotment will boil a kettle over a fire, it takes a while to make but the process is all part of it. Whilst I flick the hot tap and get a cup of tea in an instant. Not always taking the time to appreciate how I have come to get that warm drink. It is the same with our food – you can just shove a packaged dish in a microwave and get an instant meal but the gratification of that meal is not the same as going out and hunting for it. Not that I know what it is like to go out and hunt and gather my food and then skin and prepare it; but even home-grown food tastes so much better than shop bought.We no longer have to spend days washing and ringing out we just bung it into the machine press a button and go – saving us time? So what do we do with time? Emails, instant messaging, Speed of travel, have things been invented to save us time or speed us up?

I have been rushing ‘blogging’ not really taking the time to read back what I have written ( I have always done that and consequently grammar and spelling not a strong point making me believe that I can not write)

I rush at the things that need time taking on them and take too much time over things that actually could be done in very little time. I am little bit out of synch……or sink? shame I can’t use ‘urinal’ in that expression. I think we are all a little out of synch, hence why we rush. Is there a feeling we aren’t quite where we are supposed to be? Actually I have noticed here in the west we do have that ‘urgency’ feeling where as dare I say it, in the middle east there is a much more relaxed approach. On this note, I have to mention the current situation which I unfortunately don’t quite have the political know-how about but have all my Egyptian family and friends close at heart.

Is benefit of that rushing feeling that you lot more done? Does multi-tasking mean we lose the quality of focus? Do we achieve more? Next time you sit on the toilet with your mobile phone sending a text message have a think about the ‘Urgency’ of which task you are focusing on 😉

ps; I have amused myself a couple of days letter re reading this and noticing the littering of mistakes towards the end, will leave them in for comedy value as it makes clear that I really have rushed at the end ! Oh dear, note to self, take more time !

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