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'Sleeper, side view'

My husband is a dreamer,I think you have to be to create. However, he is the achiever dreamer, the dream is almost ambition rather than a lofty otherworldly dreamer which I would describe myself as. Perhaps this is again tied up with being Egyptian, his mind is always on the horizon always thinking, practically grounded. To me it is as though he dreams and makes his dreams become reality in both daily living and in creating. This sculpture is ‘The sleeper’ originally titled the dreamer but he changed the title. Why? Good question, there will be a philosophy behind it but he is not here to ask.

I am for the first time in a while having a little time to myself and in the child related sleep deprivation state I am currently in; not picking up the brush to sweep the crumbs off the floor or tidying the organised chaos that I am surrounded by…I just do not have the energy and am in an almost ‘dreamlike’ state. I am less in the lofty otherworldly dream mode than I used to be, not sure if that is due to age or children but I am the kind of person who can quite easily stare out the window watch the wind blowing the leaves on the trees and get lost (helped by listing to Debbie Wiseman’s Piano Story’s…I just got the CD for my Dad).

I sometime have those daydreams of a parallel life, so I will be wandering through the narrow streets of Paris and stumble into some cafe for hot chocolate and a croissant and sit and stare out the window there..(that makes me think about the film ‘Inception but I digress) and perhaps I continue with the next chapter of my book. Of course that is based upon some kind of past reality, my memory of something I have done, well except for the book writing bit, that’s the real dream! I find it harder to dream about something that I haven’t had the experience of or dream about where I want my life to go and then… go for it! My husband does that, I find it shocking and amazing…what so really you can have a dream and then achieve it!? then it’s no longer a dream!? As I learnt from my eldest child’s half term film treat ‘Tangled’, you move on to the next one, now there ‘s a novel idea (pardon the pun!)

So as I think my day dream is made up of some memory, Eugen Tarnow suggests that dreams are “ever-present excitations of long-term memory”, perhaps I am on to something here! Tarnow’s theory is a ‘reworking of Freud’s theory of dreams in which Freud’s unconscious is replaced with the long-term memory system’. Freud believed everything went back to our child hood. I wonder if  the ‘Freudian’ way has slipped into our subconscious and we are guilt-ridden into believing that we have such a long term life long effect on our children. To use my husband as an example though, he is very much a product of his childhood but also the inverse that he has overcome or reached something way beyond what his childhood would perhaps have ‘normally’ dictated. For sure, to use a brilliant quote from yet another great cartoon movie, “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere” and then to paraphrase, it is difficult to imagine more humble origins than that of my husband’s but nothing less than, in my opinion, and perhaps one day many, “one of the finest artists of this time”. Well, we can dream……..

'sleeper left side view'

'Sleeper from the back'

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