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Manipulated image of The nIghtwatchman

'The Nightwatchman'

I have realised with the time away from blogging for a while I was going off track a little and not really writing much about being ‘The sculptor’s wife’ which relating to this piece has meant various visits from a guy who has been involved with the painting of this piece. The finished product arrived on our kitchen table and looked pretty impressive. I do like the bold coloured pieces. We had a wooden painted piece outside our house for ages until the wind and the water totally dismantled it (people now get confused as to where our house is still looking for the sculpture!)

There is sometimes a blur between being the ‘sculptor’s wife’ and the ‘Egyptian’s wife’ where culture and artistic temperament entwine. We have just had my sister in law to visit which was great to have her here, first time to europe, first time to travel alone, first time to our house. I was official tour guide and english cuisine cook but it was great to have the Egyptian language light up the house and the laughter and some delicious dishes and it always helps to have another woman in the house!!

Back to the top images… the latest project is manipulating images of sculptures which we are hoping to make into a new project. Here is an example but if I can get my act together…more to come. So don’t forget to take a visit to this blog everynow and again to see what’s new.

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