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'The Game 2006'

'The Game 2006'

'The Game 2006'

Where to start? I have forced myself to sit down and spend some time doing this as I have got out of the routine. I also need to get a little more organised in getting images from my husband of his work so that I have more recent pieces. This piece is from 2006 and I wanted to put it in because I had written a verse that went with it for the exhibition. As I look at both the work and the words it doesn’t quite make sense. I am not even one hundred percent sure that this should be entitled ‘The game’…..

I partly wanted to speak about autumn as it feels finally autumnal today after a very odd but fantastic spell of sunshine. The shape of the wood in this piece made me think about the trees and how this year more than ever I feel more connected with nature…perhaps because of the sunshine. We have had a plethora of butterflies at the back of the house, I have collected more conkers and I am trying to spend more time looking at really seeing.

This piece also made me think about the positions we get ourselves into, mentally and physically. The game of life in a way. We can get ourselves stuck in certain habits and ways of seeing and thinking. We need to both physically stretch our bodies, make them work, oxygenate our muscles and stretch our minds expand our thoughts and ideas. It’s that time of year, seasonal change, the start of coming inside.

Having two young children and now doing the ‘school run’ I find it a bit of a challenge to remain flexible about the day but children demand a certain sense of routine so it’s getting the balance of both. As this season too, tries to find its own balance of sunny summer spurts, april showers and autumnal days, we will have to be flexible with each new day.

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