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'Have a little Faith'

'Have a little Faith'

'Have a little Faith'

This  image is a small machete for a larger sculpture that will be publicly displayed outside a local church next month. The outline of this sculpture represents an eye, the idea that God’s eye is upon us all. The figure represents the individual human, positioned within the form of the eye as the pupil. Upon the heart of the figure the shape of the cross is hollow so light will appear through it. This represents the light needed in the heart to find God. Also, physically the light being the shiny spot in the eye which we all have. Therefore, from afar the sculpture will represent God, symbolized by the eye and by the fish and on closer inspection, the figure representing each and every one of us.

In developing a small machete for the sculpture the idea of a book mark was reached and then the realisation that the image could be a new modern-day religious icon. By creating this, everyone can share the sculpture  as my husband’s wish for each and everyone to ‘Have a little faith’. Please take a look at the website:  

I personally feel we are living in society where there is no longer a focal point about and around faith. In the UK there is a real mix of religions and beliefs and it is fantastic that people can practise their faith without judgement, criticism and freedom. That is how it should be but I do think that in general there are so many people unsure, undecided or just unbelieving. We live in a society which is far removed from the spiritual realm. Our focus on material and worldly concerns has become obsessive. 

On a clear , cloudless night if you look at the stars so far away, perhaps not even actually existing any longer do you not stop to wonder what is out there? How this was all created? Not forgetting that what you see isn’t actually all that is there. I remember, being fortunate to have been camping out in the Serengeti in Tanzania and seeing the night sky like I have never seen it before, the sky was littered with twinkling maps of stars. When I now put the milk bottles at the front door I look up at the sky to see what is being revealed at that time and remembering that there is actually so much more than what the eye can see.

For me my journey of faith has taken me on a road of discovery; new friendships, new countries and crossing boundaries and perceptions. It challenges me every day, inspires me to improve, allows me to remain content and thankful, gives me purpose and happiness. Al HamduAllah! Eid Mubarak.

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