‘What a waste’

Beautiful Bronze, Philosophy

I haven’t written for ages and it has been so long, so much has been happening on a daily life level that hasn’t given me time as such. In some ways I have had more time as I have been at home housebound whilst my eldest son recovers from having had his tonsils and adenoids out. I feel like I have been a wasting time, being slow and sedate at home has made me a little less motivated. What has been happening globally sits really well with my husbands most recent piece.

In fact, in the news the other week they put two items side by side that really highlighted the philosophy of this piece. ‘Will and Kate’, the newly wedded royals on their first tour took in Las Vegas and tables were selling at some astronomical figure…..to wine and dine, so they showed images of the glitz and glamour. (OK – it is for charity but that isn’t quite the point here)  The next item was the suffering in East Africa as a result of the lack of water, as a result of the civil war…..I will let you think of the meaning from this piece without giving too much more ; (‘The Diner’ . Bronze . 2011)

'The Diner'

'The Diner' - close up

'The Diner'

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